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Black Forest, CO (10 mL)
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In June of 2013 the Colorado Springs area saw another fire that devastated the area. The fire burned in the Black Forest, which is an area I grew up in and have many fond memories of. I sat in silence and watched as people lost their houses to this awful fire. I knew some of those people. My heart aches for this city and the people who have lost their homes. I want to help them and this is the best way I know how.  Black Forest, CO, is a Special Edition lacquer made specifically...

Sodium FASOR
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A yellow-orange shimmering stunner with copper flashes and a surprise red color shift once on the nail. It is filled with micro flakies and a slight touch of holo. Full coverage at 2-3 coats depending on your application.

Swarley Snot
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Once upon a time we got a puppy, a very mischievous nosey puppy who needs to smell everything, his name is Swarley. This makes for an interesting time when he wanders into the craft room. He always ends up with glitter all over him, and of course on his nose. To celebrate his uniqueness and glitter nose, we created Swarley Snot. A mix of small glitters ranging in colors from blue, aqua, orange, coral, purple, neon yellow and neon green. And this polish wouldn't be complete without some micro...