What payment methods do you use?

We currently are only able to use PayPal where you can use e-checks, credit and debit cards. You do not have to have a PayPal account to checkout, all you have to do is checkout as a “guest”.

Can I pay with an e-check through PayPal?

Absolutely! Please note though, that we will wait to ship your order until the check has cleared on our end. Clearing can take up to a week, but usually goes through sooner. As soon as it clears your package will be mailed off to you. 

Are your polishes 3-free?

Yes! In fact the polish base that we use is 5-free, so that means that it is free of dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and camphor. 

Do you test your polishes?

We test everything that comes into our hands that we plan on using in our polish. Before we use anything new we test every pigment, glitter, fleck and flakie for up to and even over six months to check for any issues. After they have passed our testing we will again test prototypes for two or more months before releasing them into a collection. This allows us to know that we are offering you quality polish that we stand behind.

I noticed some pigment/glitter sinkage, is the bottle bad?

There is nothing wrong with your bottle. Sinkage and separation are totally normal and is caused by gravity, especially if the polish has been sitting without recent use. You can shake the bottle to incorporate everything back together. If you so shake the bottle, please wait for about 10-15 minutes before using so that you don’t get bubbles in your applied polish. If you need to use it right away you can roll the bottle of polish, upside down, between your hands. 

Can I use thinner in the polish?

Yes you can! We recommend that you use a 3 or 5 free thinner in our polishes so that you aren’t adding new chemicals into the polish. Never use any kind of nail polish remover to thin polishes. Remover is meant to break down polishes and will start to destroy polishes if used as a thinner. 

There’s issues with the lid and/or brush, what should I do?

Sometimes the brushes look good to us, but once submerged in polish they go all wonky. The same happens with lids once screwed onto the bottle. If you get a bottle(s) with lid or brush issues please let us know by emailing us at info@emeraldandash.com. Be sure to include what size bottle(s), how many are affected and if you need lids or brushes or both. We will get replacements sent out to you ASAP!

I noticed recently that the bottle sizing has changed, why?

We did change the way we label our bottle sizes. Recently we sat down, again, and remeasured all 4 sizes of our bottles and noticed a variance between almost all of them. Because of the shape of our bottles the size, say the 16mL, could range between holding 15.75mL…16mL…16.10mL…etc. With this discovery and much debating we have decided to change how we list the bottle sizes. This isn’t a huge deal as all of the bottles of polish we pour are weighed by us. So the same weight of product is still going into each bottle. This has not changed at all since we launched. That said the 4mL is still 4mL, the 6mL is actually 7mL, the 11mL is bumping down to 10mL and the 16mL is being bumped down to 15mL. Again, this doesn’t actually change the amount we have been putting in. It just makes us more comfortable to round the size down because of the differences we found. It’s the beauty of dealing with blown glass bottles.

I want to try your cuticle oil but I am allergic to one of your oils, can you help me?

It’s never fun to be allergic to something and we want to do whatever we can to help, so please shoot us an email at info@emeraldandash.com. We will work with you to take out the oil(s) you are allergic to, while creating something that will leave your cuticles and nails happy. After that we will keep you on file with what blend we have done for you. All that we ask is that when you place future orders is to mention that you need your special blend in the comments box that is located on all of the cuticle oil pages. 

Do your cuticle oils sit for prolonged amounts of time?

Absolutely not. We use high end, all natural oils in our cuticle oil blend. The blend is made in small batches and scents are hand mixed into each bottle upon filling an order. We want to make sure you are getting the freshest, best smelling product possible.

Do your cuticle oils have a shelf life?

As with all oils, there is a shelf life to our cuticle oils.  They will last a minimum of six to eight months, but could last longer depending on use.  An already-used bottle will tend to have a shorter shelf life due to body dander mixing in to the oil.  To extend the shelf life of your cuticle oil, put your currently unused bottles in a refrigerator.

I like the look of a combination of scents for your cuticle oil, do you do blends?

We will absolutely do scent blends! All you need to do is pick one of the scents from the drop down and list the other scent(s) that you want mixed in down in the comments section. We do ask to keep try and keep the blends to 3 scents for the 4mL bottles as going with more scents than that can make it hard to create a nice blend in such a small bottle. 

I was looking through your scents and notice EO listed on some of them, what does that mean?

EO stands for Essential Oil. We designate them with the EO so that you know that they are a pure oil straight from the plant/tree/fruit. All of our other scents are fragrance oils, which are lab created and made to mimic specific scent. They are all top quality and 100% body safe. 

I don’t like the scent I chose for a cuticle oil, can I exchange it?

We’re sorry but cannot exchange your cuticle oil if it’s just due to not liking the scent, after it has been used or tested it is no longer sanitary for us to take back. If it is causing an allergy or other medical issue, then please email us at info@emeraldandash.com.

Do you have any pets?

Yes, we have two dogs, whom we love to death. That being said they aren't allowed in the nail room while anything is being made, or really at all for that matter. The tables are wiped down after every use and the room is vacuumed frequently. We do our absolute best to make sure there is no contamination from our pets.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently ship to the US and Canada as we know what is required for shipping to these places as well as the costs. We would be more than happy to look into your country’s shipping regulations and pricing in order to ship to you. Please just send us an email to info@emeraldandash.com with what products you are looking at, the sizes and where you are (having an address helps a lot with getting an exact estimate). We will then look into costs and ease of shipping. If everything sounds good we will set up an invoice for you. 

My order isn’t moving, now what?

There is a good chance that your order was put onto a truck instead of an airplane. Due to this, your package will take a bit longer to get to you. While it is on a truck, there will be no tracking updates as to its movement until it gets to its next stop. This makes the package look like it’s not moving when it actually is. Please give the package a week to pop back up on tracking. If, after that time it has not moved, please contact us at info@emeraldandash.com.

I didn’t get a tracking number, has my order shipped?

We apologize if you did not receive your tracking number. We have a small box that we have to click that sends you an email with your tracking number and sometimes it doesn’t catch when clicked so nothing gets sent out. If you haven’t received one in a week since your order please contact us at info@emeraldandash.com.

How long does it take you to ship?

We strive to ship orders out as fast as possible. We work hard to have a 1-2 day turn around, but that can be slowed down when we are hit with large amounts of orders. We will always give updates on shipping times, if there is a slowdown, via our site and on our Facebook page.

I’m a blogger and would like to try your polishes, do you send them out for review?

First, thank you so much for your interest in our brand! Second, while we’d like to be able to send out samples to every blogger, we are not able to due to our size. What we would love for you to do is fill out our Blogger Questionnaire Form below so we can keep all of your information in one spot for us and we will review it and possibly contact you the next time we have a release. 

Blogger review form