Scent Blend Ideas and Inspirations

Did you know that you can blend our scents together to make your Cuticle Oil just a little bit more unique? If you didn't, now is as good of a time to find out as any other! Below is a short list of some of the scent blends that we have not only created before, but absolutely enjoyed. But don't think this is a complete list! If you don't want to borrow from this list, take it as inspiration to create your own concoction from our incredible list of available scents.

~ Apple Orchard + Caramel

~ Caramel + Buttered Popcorn

~ Gourmet Dark Chocolate + Peppermint (EO)

~ Gourmet Dark Chocolate + Fresh Raspberry

~ Fresh Raspberry + Vanilla Bean

~ Tomato Leaf Coriander + Basil, Sweet (EO)

~ Leather Jacket + Tobacco

~ Vanilla Bean + Chai Tea

~ Blood Orange (EO) + Clove Bud (EO)

~ Blood Orange (EO) + Cinnamon (EO)

~ Fresh Raspberry + Lime (EO)

~ Eucalyptus (EO) + Basil, Sweet (EO)

~ Rose (EO) + Eucalyptus (EO) + Fir Needle (EO)

~ Fresh Peach + Basil, Sweet (EO)

~ Toasted Marshmallow + Gourmet Dark Chocolate + Graham Crackers

~ Rosemary (EO) + Basil, Sweet (EO) + Eucalyptus (EO) + Peppermint (EO)

~ Lavender (EO) + Rosemary (EO)